Who We Are

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For over 40 years, Gary has trained horses, dogs and raptors as an amateur and as a professional on three continents. Fascinated by raptors and falconry from the age of 11, Gary had his first bird and his passion for teaching, learning and training began. For 15 years, Gary ran the National School of Falconry and the NSF Bird Control and Wildlife Management, managing over 80 birds of prey. He has trained, flown, and bred high quality falcons and raptors of all species for falconers all over the UK and the ruling family of Qatar. In 1980, he was part of a hunting demonstration that was present to H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth, and in 2000 took Prince Philip on a hunting trip with Harris' Hawks.

Moving to Canada, he opened the first Bird of Prey centre in British Columbia, as well as directing falconry demonstrations for Grouse Mountain, Kamloops Wildlife park, and the Greater Vancouver Zoo. He continues to run a raptor related company including bird control, presentations, school visits, summer camps, and experience days, and passes his wealth of knowledge of birds of prey to all he presents to.


Scott began his adventure into the world of falconry in 2009. A chance encounter with Angela resulted in him helping to fly a hawk, and he was instantly hooked! Scott now maintains the Radical Raptors website.


Jack Robinson has had a life long fascination with Birds of Prey. In the spring of 2011, he started volunteering with Gary Worley and the Radical Raptor Team at The Greater Vancouver Zoo. His fascination with the various raptors has continually grown over this short period of time.

One of his biggest rewards was working briefly with a Bald Eagle in 2011. Having a bird that size on your arm is truly amazing. The year ended when he assisted Gary Worley in putting the Bald Eagle back into the enclosure with the other Bald Eagles. He was a little reluctant when Gary described how the Eagle was to be held during the transport to the cage. Gary reassured him that all would be fine and it was.


I first became interested in volunteering after building up enough courage to hold the mightiest of raptors; the North American Kestrel. Then I attended the summer camp back in 2010 and now love helping out every year. My favourite part is lending a hand at the summer camps and talking to the zoo guests. Also I really enjoy learning from the other volunteers and walking around with the birds. I always look forward to coming out to experience and learn new things as well as have a little fun.


Evan was introduced into the radical realm of raptors when he attended back to back summer camp weeks in 2012. After the summer camp ended Evan just kept showing up each day & has now become an official volunteer! Along with learning about the amazing birds Gary & Angela work with, Evan has been able to help out at various trade shows and events featuring such super stars as Hagrid & Thora. Evan enjoys interacting with the visitors at the zoo, (which has greatly improved his public speaking at school), taking care of the raptors, assisting in the shows and sharing his enthusiasm with the other volunteers.


Lesliann is Evan’s Mum & became involved with the raptors accidently! “The first time I came to pick up Evan from camp it was during the 4pm show and Gary had Caprice fly to me & I was completely captivated.” Lesliann helps out as needed and enjoys the atmosphere that Angela & Gary have created. “There is a serious aspect to working with what is essentially a wild, free flying bird of prey but all the volunteers and staff make every experience safe and full of fun”. Lesliann has too many favorites to list!