Kids' Camps

Experience Falconry first-hand!

Each year we host between one to three Spring and Summer camps. This is for children ages 8 to 16. Children learn how to pick up, carry and fly trained birds of prey. The cost is $300.00 for the week.

This year, camps will be hosted between:
  • July 17 - 21
  • July 31 - August 4
  • August 7 - 11
We hope you can join us!

  • My name is Jessie, I'm 14 years old and I love animals. I got to go to the Radical Raptors Summer Camp for a Christmas Present. I went into this camp not knowing a thing about falconry and came out as someone that can teach zoo guests information about any of the 9 birds of prey. Not just me though,everyone in the group, big to small, learnt so much cool information. We got to learn how to pick up, place down, and walk with a bird on the first day! We learnt about the falconry basics, techniques, anatomy of a bird of prey and much, much more. There's never a dull moment,even when it's too hot to do anything with the birds we do crafts in the shade. I got to make so many new friends and the volunteers there are very nice. Participating in the Radical Raptors Bird of Prey presentation is also another awesome experience. I had such a great time that I didn't want to leave the birds and I started volunteering. Volunteering is like camp but more work based, but I still make more friends and I'm learning something new every time I go. - Jessie, 14

  • Such a wonderful experience for the kids. Thank you so much for all you do to allow the kids to have this experience. A great memory for my son! - Cheryl Harris

  • I love Raptor Camp. It is fun. You learn a lot. You carry the birds around. You are in the show. - Sarah , 8

  • I love owls, so when my Mom found out about the camp, I decided to give it a try. I liked it so much, I went back the next year. Now I volunteer. - Robbie, 11

  • I loved Falcon Camp! Thank you for being such good instructors. You taught me so much about these awesome raptors, and I really looked forward to spending time with the birds every day. My favourite part of the day was meeting all of the birds and walking around the zoo, explaining the birds to the guests. I also enjoyed feeding and grooming the birds, especially the beautiful Denarious. When I got home after camp, I was totally hooked on the birds, and asked my mom if I could volunteer, and she said yes. I am really passionate about the birds, and hope to be able to spend more time working with them. I hope you will take me as a volunteer. I am available to volunteer on school days during the school strike, and on most weekends during the school year. Thank you for introducing me to the amazing sport of falconry. -Oscar Dhut

  • I loved the summer camp. I learned all about birds, how to fly and hold them, and care for them. I got to help out it the shows, and talk to other people about the birds. We made leather jesses, and did several other fun crafts.I would recommend this to ANYONE, it was a very amazing experience, and now I am volunteering! -Journey