Raptors in the Classroom

Did you know? The word 'Raptor' is a Latin word that means 'to seize', as nearly all birds of prey catch their food with their feet!

Environmental education has become an important part of the curriculum in many of today's schools. We have finally realized that our Earth's resources are indeed finite, and that a well-balanced ecosystem is imperative for our future survival. We must educate those who will take responsible actions to preserve our planet.

Our Birds Of Prey Program is an exciting and effective educational tool that teaches about wildlife, environmental and ecological concerns. An experienced professional staff member facilitates our presentation in a very entertaining and captivating manner. The program features majestic, captive raised birds of prey that are superbly trained for educating audiences of all ages. We present a safe, up-close and dramatic look at these fascinating creatures in a classroom, auditorium or gymnasium setting. A variety of species are represented, including the Harris' Hawk, Great Horned Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Gyr Falcon, and Golden Eagle.

Over and over, our organization has seen the awe, wonder and respect that birds of prey evoke from children and adults alike. During our presentation, students learn the following important facts about birds of prey:
  • how to identify them
  • interesting facts about the different species
  • their role in the ecosystem
  • laws protecting them
  • how to help them when they are injured or orphaned
  • what students can do personally to help protect them and the environment
We are on site 20 minutes prior to each presentation and each program last approximately 40 minutes. Students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the program. We know from countless past programs that students do enjoy and learn from our presentation, and that the sight of these magnificent birds encourages students to get involved in preserving our precious natural heritage.

With our Raptors in the Classroom presentations, we give all ages of children the opportunity to see these magnificent birds up close and personal. We believe that if you can see and touch, then you are more likely to want to save and conserve.

Program Costs

Please refer to our Prices page.

Photo with a Raptor

We also offer the opportunity to have your photos taken with a raptor at the time of our school visit. Please refer to our Prices page.