Bird Control

Birds causing problems?

We are a premier avian control company specializing in the use of trained hawks, falcons, and dogs for bird control, and we have many years of experience in this field. Trained raptors and dogs can be the most environmentally friendly way of clearing an area of avian pests, and when used as part of a bird control program, it is a very effective method. As well as using hawks, falcons, and dogs, our bird control officers are trained in the use of bio-acoustic distress calls, the very latest visual deterrents, and pyrotechnics.

Our Bird Control Programs have been implemented for use in many situations such as berry farms, landfill sites, golf courses, factories, commercial buildings, historical buildings, orchards, warehouses, and inner city centres.

It is becoming increasingly common to see pest species such as feral pigeons, crows, gulls, starlings, geese, and many other species of birds occupying the skyline. They are frequently seen in town centres, warehouses, landfill sites, airports, and berry farms. These birds are not only a cause of loss of revenue and plagued with diseases; at airports, they can be a real safety concern. They promote secondary insect infestation on their nesting sites; and create noise, smell, and safety hazards wherever they are found.

All animals and birds have their natural predators - even urban birds that have had no first hand experience of predators still carry the genetic memory. The sight of a bird of prey is enough to cause the pest to take flight, and when the hawks/halcons are flown in a specific routine, it can alter their roosting and nesting patterns.

If you would like any further information about our services, we would be happy to come and visit your site and discuss your particular requirements. We are based locally, so please do not hesitate to contact us.