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"The Radical Raptors Summer camp was the highlight of my summer. I learned how to handle and care for birds and it was fun just holding them. Especially the owls. They're so cool! I got to prepare their food, clean their pens and help ut in the shows. We got to make bird stuff like jesses and bewits and learned about the anatomy of birds of prey. It's awesome when the birds fly to you. And afterwards, if you're old enough, you may get to volunteer!" - Emily

"I wanted to thank you for an amazing day, giving me the opportunity to interact with the birds of prey. I felt very welcomed and learned A LOT about all of the birds! It far exceeded my expectations and was an experience I will never forget!! I would HIGHLY recommend this adventure to anyone! Thanks again!" - Roy Bertrand

Hi Angela & Gary, On Wednesday September 3rd we had a day experience at the Vancouver Zoo with your fabulous raptors.

It was beyond what we could have imagined. Walking the property with these glorious creatures was an experience we will long remember. Being able to 'pet' Hagrid and Harriet and having our photos taken with Thora were two of many highlights to a day loaded with first time experiences.

The day was memorable by being our 24th anniversary celebration, and by crossing this experience off of the bucket list; especially since I used to be terrified of birds.

Crikie ended the day with a close and personal goodbye for me and Thora had a memorable good bye for Mark! We really got the FULL experience : )

Jeremy shared lots of great info with us and being part of his show made our day.

It was an absolute pleasure spending the day with and getting to know Jack, he is patient and kind and someone we will remember fondly.

Thank you to all who make this hands experience possible.


Anne & Mark James


What birds of prey taught
me about life
by Brad
(The Now Newspaper)